vrijdag 3 juli 2009


Hi guys! It's been a while again.. But it's vacation now! My exams are finished, and they were great (euhm, they were good ;p). I didn't do a lot this week, because I found it really hot outside :o. But today, I went to Gent with my sister. First we went to the librabry, because my sister was looking for a book, but didn't find it: (. Then we were looking for a bikini for me, because I didn't have one anymore ;p. I bought one in h&m. After this, we went to a little shop, ZsaZsaRouge (or something ;p), they have pretty little things, earrings, post cards... Also clothes and shoes. Then we went home, but first we bought something to eat in Panos, where you can eat sandwiches and stuff ;p. And now I'm home : ).
Bye! xx

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